• Roma nova logistical battle

Roma Nova takes a decisive logistics step with a packing line from WPS

It used to be difficult to deliver excellent quality plants in an efficient manner, simply because of the many types of bulbs grown at Roma Nova. When you consider that the 80 different kinds are all wrapped in their own beautiful packaging, each with their own specific label, you can begin to appreciate the challenge Roma Nova faced, as these processes are not merely labour intensive but also expensive. Erik Willemse, Roma Nova’s owner, approached WPS to brainstorm about a logistics solutions which would help reduce labour, establish a calm, well organised workplace and obtain a better overview.

The current as well as the desired situations were discussed, after which a solution was presented. The new system is a packing line that is connected to a buffer system.

Logistical battle

With the packing line from WPS, packing and labelling the plants can now be done in a much more efficient manner. Erik Willemse from Roma Nova: “With this system we took a decisive step in improving our logistics. Processing used to be somewhat cluttered and chaotic, but now everything is well organised. Our workload has also been reduced considerably since we now need fewer people to do the same amount of work.”
Collaboration between Roma Nova and WPS was very successful. As far as we are concerned the collaboration was a very enjoyable experience, but it is always nice to hear the same from the customer. “The process employed by WPS appealed to us. Their approach was business-like with a ‘no-nonsense’ attitude, which we appreciate,” Erik Willemse says approvingly.

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