• Martin van Zanten en Rene Hendriks WPS Opti flor

WPS and Opti-flor design system for new location

WPS and Opti-flor together developed a new sorting and delivery system for Opti-flor’s expansion with the establishment of its Haeghe-flor location. The system has evolved from the current systems that Opti-flor and WPS had developed together earlier on. Given the pleasant manner of cooperation at that time it made sense for Opti-flor to settle on WPS again: “WPS is our preferred supplier for our logistics systems,” said co-owner Rene Hendriks.

With the new system Opti-flor wishes to sort as well and as uniformly as possible during the staking process. Sorting in this manner reduces labour and the quality of the end product remains optimal.

Rene Hendriks: “The system is not new in either technology or comprehension, but it has been fully adapted to the type of products that we produce.”

The process of joint system development was a lengthy and intensive one. “The concept and design phase required extensive effort, but were nevertheless conducted in a very agreeable manner,” says Rene Hendriks. WPS is very pleased with the progress of this joint collaboration. We at WPS are proud to be developing a system with such a significant company as Opti-flor, which has ultimately provided Opti-flor with a very good result. In the picture above, the 3D printed model of the system is handed over by Martin van Zanten to Rene Hendriks.

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