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Countless combinations with the SmartFlo add-ons


The SmartFlo add-ons offer countless combinations with the SmartFlo conveyor belt system, but also with other machines and systems. In our newest SmartFlo video, we give you a selection of the combinations which could be realized with SmartFlo. One of the combinations in this video is the SmartFlo combined with a mobile potting machine. This gives you the opportunity to space your plants efficiently.

The other add-ons in the video are the SmartFlo Flexit and the SmartFlo Crossover. Beside, we show you some systems which prove that the SmartFlo is suitable on concrete floors, with large plants and with mobile conveyors.
Experience the advantages of the SmartFlo add-ons yourself by watching the video below!

Are you also convinced that SmartFlo offers more than only conveyor belts? Learn more about the advantages of the SmartFlo add-ons!

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