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Eddy Sleutjes, Brasil: 'We have improved our operations, increased production and working quality'


Nursery Sleutjes from Holambra grow their plants in two greenhouses. Because of the distance and height between these greenhouses it was a big challenge transporting the plants from one location to another. Since potting takes place at another location a huge amount of employees were busy everyday transporting plants from greenhouse A to greenhouse B.

To make this process more efficiënt, nursery Sleutjes self-installed a WPS SmartFlo conveyor belt system. This tailor-made system, contains robust conveyor belts and intergrated mobile tracks with remotes for easy control, route and speed direction. After working a couple of months with the system, we ask owner Eddy Sleutjes about his expectations, experience and view on the future.

Why did you choose for the SmartFlo conveyor belt system?
„We visited a grower in Holland and we saw that there was a lot of experience and knowledge in the WPS system. It´s also the only product we know that uses a transportation system with a belt, what makes the investment more attractive.”

What are your expectations of SmartFlo?
„My expectations of SmartFlo are labor reduction, an improvement of the working conditions and a big improvement of the logistic organization between the greenhouses, since distance is not a problem anymore.”

Which advantages were decisive to make a choice?
„The remotes, since you can controle the route and speed yourself easily. The good quality of the materials and cost.”

Why did you choose for WPS as an company to cooperate with?
„Among other reasons, the fact of having a representative in Brazil.”

How do you look back at the cooperation with WPS?
„Good, with good instruction manuals, besides representatives Matheus and Merijn are always available.”

How did your working process changed? And what are the improvements?
„We have improved our operations, increased production and working quality.”

How do you see the future with this system?
„I think it´s a system that fits very well in the future and the developments Brazil is going through: it allows a good productivity increased with reasonable costs.”

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