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Find out why KeyGene's digital phenotyping system is unique

Plant Phenotyping

On March 3rd KeyGene opened a digital plant phenotyping facility installed by WPS. Go to the press release for more information.

The KeyGene system offers many new and world first features including:

  • Moving Field: To reduce plant physical contact during their longitudinal movement over a conveyor, WPS has developed mechanisms that almost entirely reduce the longitudinal movement of plants relative to neighbouring plants- thus plants are removed from their storage area a row at a time and similarly returned- this also facilitates higher-density conveyor systems per GH and significantly reducing any chance of plant damage.
  • Ultra-high-throughput imaging- acquires 72 side images including image analysis in 4 seconds. For high-resolution phenotyping and accurate quantification of anatomical features such as ears, tillers, panicles etc. More information about imaging sensors.
  • Successful implementation of a root and shoot phenotyping protocol- the WPS platforms successfully combines square transparent pots with special light-tight adapters to visualize root development over time.

  • WPS plant carriers are designed with multiple click-on adapter plates to convey a diverse range of plant species, dimensions, weights and buffers plants to the front and rear from contact.

See photo’s below to get an impression of the digital phenotyping system.

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