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WPS attends conference Surviving The Extremes in Israel

Plant Phenotyping

This is the first international workshop to bring together leading international scientists whose work focuses on plants adapted to extreme environments and reflects the great progress that has been made in extremophile plant research in recent years. The workshop will explore fundamental advances in a range of different extremophile plant species from a variety of extreme environments including Arabidopsis relatives, resurrection plants, alpine/arctic plants, halophytes and seagrasses, as well as other extremophile photosynthetic organisms, such as algae and cycanobacteria.

WPS will attend this international workshop from February 2 till 5th February 2015.
For more information, visit the website of this event.

For over 15 years WPS has gained a reputation as a global leader in horticulture where the emphasis has always been on ultra-high-throughput automated plant handling, plant growth with homogenous growth conditions, system reliability combined with durability and after sales support. In 2003 WPS constructed the world’s first high-throughput phenotyping facility- one that is still used commercially today on a daily basis, handling tens of thousands of experimental plants. Worldwide with 100+ installations across several continents.

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