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Plant Growth Cells enhanced plant quality and higher production densities


Three Phalaenopsis growers have recently also embraced improved cultivation conditions with the Plant Growth Cell. In total, they are using over three million Plant Growth Cells with each tailored to specific customer requirements for provision of the correct growth environment for the plant.

Advantages of the Plant Growth Cell
Extensive testing with the Plant Growth Cell revealed fewer branch breakages, less A2 grading and higher production per square meter. Combined with a higher homogeneity of the plants, the Plant Growth Cell was seen as a worthwhile investment- an innovative concept with immediate multiple benefits. WPS has worked with its customers, in the pre-installation phase, to develop the business model with the client assessing the time to return on investment.

Whilst it was a challenge at the growers’ locations to integrate the Plant Growth Cell into the existing business operations, these must be easily incorporated in order to ensure operational business efficiency. WPS, in conjunction with its clients, developed a plan to introduce the Plant Growth Cells into the operations process with minimum disruption. Within their inverstment, growers’ were supplied with suitable automation enabling the automatic buffering of Plant Growth Cells along with specific development of a loading machine allowing Plant Growth Cells to be automatically de-stacked after buffering.
At present, there are several leading growers working with the Plant Growth Cells, whilst many others are currently testing them.

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