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Van Oene (Brazil) decreased their labour costs, got higher production and simplified operations with SmartFlo


Joost van Oene, located in Holambra in Brazil, chose in 2013 to integrate the SmartFlo system into his business operations. The flexibility offered by the SmartFlo system fits well with the Brazilian company.

The SmartFlo system enables users to manage the movement of plants throughout all growth stages and be classified or characterised into various holding, growth or sorting bays.The system is made of different Tracks: the main conveyor belts, the conveyor belts in the growth areas in combination with different SmartFlo Drives which controls each conveyor individually and is independent of crop size and type.

The system is installed and runs independently by the grower and is used for the transport of Kalanchoes in two different pot sizes. The system can be installed by the grower with local labour resources and is plug-n-play without the need of specific programmers.

Curious about flexibility? See the product nformation pf the SmartFlo or contact us.

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