• 2014-04-23 14.58.59

Van der Harg processing system expanded for pot- roses

Following an increase in cultivation area, Leo van der Harg, grower of Kordana® pot-roses, wanted to process their increased production with the same level of current resourcing.Thus, they chose WPS to replace one of the two old packing lines with a new sorting- and processing system. After a year of full commercial use, the system has demonstrated its worthiness.

So successful was the new system, the existing, integrated potting- and bagging machine was now blocking the maximum capacity of the WPS system. Consequently, Leo van der Harg decided to replace the second (old) packing line too, with an additional WPS sorting- and processing system. Furthermore, WPS will provide modern, more rapid technologies to replace older potting- and bagging machines on both lines.

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