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More efficient use of space, more plants per square meter with SmartFlo at Allure Tuinplanten.


Allure Tuinplanten, specialising in ornamental grasses, have recently had an efficiency campaign resulting in the installation of a SmartFlo system. At the end of 2013 the company started installing the SmartFloTracks. The installation was largely completed by the company itself. In 2014 they increased their acreage and extended the SmartFlo system with four main conveyor belts and eighteen other belts under one roof.

In the April 2014 issue of “Onder Glas” (Under Glass) the owner Hendrik-Jan Blom was interviewed about this efficiency drive. Below is a brief summary of the “Onder Glas” article: “More efficient use of space with automatic transport”
The system has been up and running since January 1. Blom: “We already find that we have become much more flexible and the work load is lighter. Also, this has resulted in a much more efficient use of space. Previously you may have picked the majority of the plants in a section but leaving perhaps 20% that were still taking up a whole unit. Now you can easily put these remaining plants somewhere else using the conveyor belts. This gives a much more efficient use of space and therefore leads to more plants per square meter.”

The SmartFlo system gives a more efficient use of space which in turn allows more plants per m² as well as improved working conditions. The modular design of the system means it can easily be included in any future expansion of the company.

The flexibility is especially relevant for larger orders. “Previously, you had to pick one area completely because the conveyor belts were fixed there. With a mixed order, the plants consequently piled up in the despatch hall. Now we can send the ordered plants to the hall in stages and compile the mixture of plants more efficiently. We can also serve multiple delivery lorries at the same time, “says Hendrik-Jan.

When asked: at what point did you know that the SmartFlo System was the right choice? Hendrik-Jan replied:
“When you have 250 Danish trolleys ready to go and everybody has a smile on their faces. Thanks to this improved efficiency we can now turn our attention to the challenge of making the packing more efficient.”

Curious about the flexibility of the SmartFlo System? Visit this page for more product information or contact us.

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