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WPS Horti Systems continues as WPS

WPS, Horticulture

WPS Horti Systems in De Lier has changed its name to WPS. In doing so, it is responding to the expansion of its activities. The supplier of logistics systems is not only increasing its activities within the international greenhouse construction sector, but, in addition, more and more customers in the plant research sector are making use of the solutions provided by WPS. The change in name also means a new corporate identity for WPS.

The company’s name - WPS - still originally refers to its first successful product: the Walking Plant System. The system used for growing pot plants dates back to 1992. It took a number of years of experimentation, but Eef van Zanten, the founder of WPS - and co-owner to this day - developed a concept that is now being used by dozens of pot plant growers throughout the world.
In 2002, the success of the system led to the founding of a company by the name of WPS Horti Systems.
Now, more than ten years on, WPS has expanded its activities in order to provide pot plant growers with a comprehensive package of products and services. Its Plant Order System has supplied an effective solution for the labour-intensive process of delivering plants. Since acquiring a software development company a number of years ago, WPS also has in-house control of operating and vision systems. Similarly, container systems became available in 2010. Early this year, WPS introduced the flexible, SmartFlo series for market-oriented production. With this new series, WPS is responding uniquely to a changing market that requires the right solution for every situation.

‘We Prove Solutions’
Today, pot plant growers are not the company’s only customers. For the last ten years, WPS has also been serving the needs of plant research companies. As such, WPS has been developing solutions specifically for these target groups. With this in mind, as well as the expansion of the company’s activities, the decision was made to drop ‘Horti Systems’ from the company’s name.

‘Originally, WPS stood for the Walking Plant System. Now, it stands for what we have been doing for years: proving solutions’, General Manager, Richard van der Meijs says about the new name.

Leonardo da Vinci
The new form of the logo was carefully considered. It is a subtle reference to a well-known drawing made by Leonardo da Vinci. ‘Owing to his revolutionary inventions that combined the knowledge of various disciplines, Leonardo is still an important source of inspiration to our company’, explains Richard van der Meijs.

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