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Meet our SmartStaff robots

At the IPM Essen, we will present our SmartStaff robots. Every week we will introduce one robot to you and in total, three robots will be presented.

Every robot has their unique characteristics, but one thing we can tell you for sure: they take work out off your hands!
Do you want to welcome our robots every week? Please, keep an eye on this page.

The first robot we will introduce is Miss Picky!
This young lady doesn’t drop any plants. She’s reliable, loyal and easily challenges the current standard in potting robots with a twinkle in her eye. With her flexible body she picks up every plant, increases the spacing and puts it down again. She charms every forward-looking grower with her amazing skills!

The next robot we will introduce is Mister Perfect!
A perfectionist with eyes in the back of his head. Mister Perfect understands precisely what plant properties are important to you. This robot scans every plant perfectly and learns from his mistakes quickly. Meet the perfect sorting and delivery assistant! Mister Perfect sends you home relaxed at the end of the day, even at the busiest time of the year.

IPM Essen

The SmartStaff robots can be seen at the IPM Essen, booth 3D26 from 24 January until 27 January 2017.

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