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Improved space utilisation: additional advantage or prerequisite?

Improved production rate at SV.CO through better space utilisation
At the start of the expansion of SV.CO in 2012 the organisation preferred using a container system. Subsequently, various growing systems were compared with each other in terms of investment cost and flexibility in order to identify the best option.
Lower investment costs and high flexibility were therefore the critical aspects when SV.CO. decided on a SmartFlo system. The space utilisation issue did not rank highly in the decision-making process, although, with hindsight, this turned out to be of great benefit. No loss of space along the greenhouse columns and hardly any walkways means that cultivation floors fitted with SmartFlo systems are much more efficient in terms of space utilisation. Accessibility to all plants, even small batches right at the back, means that this is also a very flexible method of cultivation. The extra work required is almost negligible as human hands are needed for the shunting of containers in any case. Ultimately SV.CO realized a lower cost of investment coupled with an increase in production of 5% up to 15%, depending on the pot size.

7% increase in space for Allure Tuinplanten
Allure Tuinplanten did consider improved efficiency and a more ergonomic work space absolute preconditions. Previously, one pipe rail system was applied to every 8 metres of section, over which a Danish container could be moved, which resulted in considerable loss of space. By mounting a SmartFlo system with walkable SmartFlo Tracks as standard, extra plant rows could now be grown along the entire length of the section. This amounted to an increase in space of about 7%.

It has been shown in practice that space utilisation has a big impact on return on investment.
WPS assists growers in making the right decisions with respect to terms of efficiency and logistics automation. Since we are closely involved in the process of deciding on a system and with more than one hundred systems already in use, we are well aware of all the advantages and pitfalls in the field. Improved space utilisation directly leads to a reduction in your cost price. For this reason we always include space utilisation as a criterion when comparing systems.

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