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A smart investment!

  • Fewer losses thanks to uniform watering
  • Higher plant quality
  • More efficient use of water and fertilisers with recycling
  • Increased production thanks to better use of space
  • Lower labour costs with automated operations
  • Smart installation concept even allows for self-build

Benching systems

Growing on benches brings together multiple benefits in one system. Your labour costs are reduced and plant quality is improved. And that boosts your returns. Benching systems can be adapted to any operations and any budget.

Growing on benches has several key benefits. You can water more uniformly, improving plant quality. Water can easily be recycled with a benching system. Because the system is so flexible, you can make optimum use of every square metre in the greenhouse and in the processing room. And we’ve thought about sustainability too. Is your business growing? Then benches are a perfectly scalable solution. With our experience in pot plant growing, we can quickly analyse which system would be most profitable for you.

WPS tailors each system to meet your needs

• Start simple with manual controls, and add a pull system or motorised lane sections later on
• Smart concept with benches and conveyor belts suitable for self build
• Easy integration with your existing sorting and delivery systems
• Turn-key installation by our own specialists anywhere in the world
• Complete with other systems for automating growing operations

For all related systems too

Even better returns from growing on benches? Absolutely. If there is one company that specialises in automating growing operations, it is WPS. From spacing up and sorting to delivery, there’s always a system that meets your needs - with a pick-up and set-down robot or a spacing line with sorting cameras. All these different systems communicate with each other via smart links. Each system is designed with business continuity in mind. And each system comes with complete WPS support.