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Smart investment!

  • Get answers to any questions about systems and installations
  • Talk to experienced staff with first-hand knowledge of installations
  • Problems solved via a remote connection
  • Direct line to service engineer in your area


The WPS Helpdesk – your first point of call for 1001 questions

WPS systems are famous for their user-friendliness. Their high quality guarantees maximum operational reliability. But we can’t deny that things never happen. A fault – for whatever reason – happens to the best of us, does it not? The solution? Call the WPS Helpdesk. Available every day.

Specialists who know
Our Helpdesk is on hand to log your fault reports and answer your questions. In both cases, you’ll always get to speak to a specialist. The staff who man the WPS Helpdesk will often have acquired their knowledge through first-hand experience. They are therefore perfectly placed to answer your questions and will use their ingenuity to fix your fault from a distance if possible. If they can’t, we’ll get one of our engineers onto it promptly. Because we know better than anyone how important it is for your business operations to continue uninterrupted!

What to call for
Our Helpdesk is open for all faults and questions relating to our installations – from mechanical to electrical, and from the PLC to the PC software. Simple, because you can come to just one place where you can always turn to for help. You can phone our team as many times as you like – subject to fair use, of course.