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5 tips to optimize the use of your growing space

How do you use the available space as efficient as possible? Below, we give you 5 practical tips which could help you with improving the use of your growing space. After reading these 5 tips, we would like to invite you for a quickscan of your business.

1. Narrowing access aisles

You can increase your net growing space by narrowing access aisles and by placing plants under the greenhouse gutter. This small change can instantly increase your growing space by around 2.5%.

2. Plan more effectively

Divide up your space efficiently and plan more effectively. You can make gains by taking a critical look at your planning and the way you divide up your growing space. Don’t forget to include the impact of logistics and the space that this can take up, such as a forklift truck with a pot fork. Using the forklift truck system could be efficient, but you have to take a look at your required moving space. Using less space for internal logistics leaves more space for growing.

3. Prevent underutilisation

Consolidating during harvesting frees up an empty growing compartment more quickly, which in turn can be filled with more plants at an earlier stage. A delivery buffer can also help prevent underutilisation: picking up all plants ready or almost ready for delivery at once immediately clears that growing compartment for more plants.

4. Interim sorting

If you sort your plants during the growing period or give them an extra grading just before delivery you will end up with better consistent quality product. This will enable you to improve harvesting efficiency, because you could place more plants per square meter. The smaller and bigger plants are not mixed anymore, which means that you don’t have to calculate extra space between the plants.

5. Let students do research for you

Find some good students to do the research for increasing your net growing space. We know that it’s very hard finding the time to take a fine look at your use of growing space. That could be a good excuse to let this task slip away, but then there’s also an opportunity slipping away from you. By hiring some students you could continue with your own tasks, while you don’t lose the opportunity of increasing your net growing space.

More tips

Would you like to receive more tips after executing the 5 tips above? We are convinced that there are many ways to improve the use of your growing space. Are you curious about the other tips which could help you optimising your growing space? Then download our latest whitepaper!

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